About Katrina Tilden

About Katrina Tilden

Oh hey — My name is Katrina Tilden. I am a photographer specializing in wedding photography, engagement shots, special events, family portraits, and more in and around Southern California and Riverside.

I grew up in a large family and I have always wanted to capture all the memories around me. My love for the art of photography blossomed in 2004, shortly after I was married. I am the youngest of seven children, and I had a lot of experience watching my family grow. I started off my career capturing these moments and received lots of support and encouragement. Most of all I have continued to study, to work, and to hone my craft. As I have become more experienced I have transitioned from photographing family, then friends, and for the past few years customers.

I am a fun loving person and will get the traditional shots you expect, but also get some light-hearted or funny shots to relax the group and just have fun.

Contact Me

I am available via Facebook or my contact form at anytime and would love your business. Please feel free to reach out or call me and I will respond back to you promptly.